There is some XOXO in the air


You are probably thinking about Valentine’s Day and you’re right. Somehow. Because there is some other kind of XO in the air, this February 2017. Some sort of condensed mix of Passion and Trust, the perfect combination for the best possible outcome.


Matita + Draxo_Email = XO

Successfully preaching for years about the capital importance of revamping a brand, caring for it and helping it grow in an increasingly complexified environment, Matita took it very personally. With a strong record of accomplished projects, tens of thousands of hours and million of ideas dedicated to its clients and partners (check our portfolio for some of them), Matita decided, during the second half of the last year, to apply to its own image the huge expertise accumulated over the years. Not an easy task. But none is easy, actually, in general, in our business. And this is the main reason we love so much what we do.


Draxo_Email + Marketing = Results

This is how Draxo Marketing was born. First name Draxo, last name Marketing, to be more precise. Picture this guy as some sort of brave bold fellow protecting with bare hands but muscular brains a large group of friends and you’ll have the right image. Somebody that you can trust, because all he does is with passion and focused on results. All the rest is part of the recipe, the successful Matita one, only improved, day after day, with even more experience. So keep in mind: trust, passion and results. And above all, the omnipresent crown of XO.


Draxo_Email + Dragon = Trust

If you know Matita, you absolutely know its dragon too. This one: dragon

You may wonder what happened to the dragon? Well, the dragon is still around, it just turned his shape into the new name, as Dragon and Draxo both come from the same etymological path, both symbols of future growth, expansion, fame and reputation. Literally, all the required ingredients for the long term commitments. The ones we nurture with all our partners, the ones we develop with new ones on a daily basis.

So now, that we got a nice


in our logo, please allow us to share it with you this Valentine’s Day!